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A programme that breaks down the barriers to you landing your dream job in consulting
MBB 101 is run by a team of MBB consultants – past, present and incoming – who are dedicated to helping eager students, grads & professionals land jobs in top consulting firms. Together we represent the many paths to becoming a consultant, from being an engineer, an MBA student or even a doctor and provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you along your journey.

Your Roadmap To Success

exactly what you need, at each stage of your journey

Step 1
Master the art of solving cases, even as a beginner

Access detailed lessons and study guides that accelerate your case interview prep, no matter your starting point

We teach you how to think like a consultant, so you're prepared to solve any case!

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Step 2
Sharpen your skills with peer practice

Put your skills to the test through case interview practice with like-minded individuals in our community

Learning the theory is one part of preparing, but practice interviews are key to prepare you for the real interview environment

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Step 3
perfect your approach with Tailored coaching

Join FREE group coaching sessions led by MBB consultants

You'll receive personalised feedback that takes you from good to great to nail final round interviews

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See what our students have to say

See what our students have to say

All-inclusive membership plans

Monthly subscription

£ 65 Per montH
  • Your membership package includes:
  • 14-day free trial
  • 25% discount for students
  • 20+ hours of teaching materials
  • Mock case interview library
  • Case interview practice platform
  • FREE group coaching (after 2 months)
  • Billed monthly

3-month package

£ 150 Billed every 3 months
  • Your membership package includes:
  • 14 day free trial
  • 25% discount for students
  • 20+ hours of teaching materials
  • Mock case interview library
  • Case interview practice platform
  • FREE group coaching (after 2 months)
  • Billed every 3 months

Get started with our free materials


Gain free access to 100s of cases in over 25 casebooks, including: Yale Wharton London Business School Ross School Business University of Notre Dame DOWNLOAD

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How to create a winning CV

By far the most competitive part of the consulting recruitment process is the CV screening stage. Firms can be inundated with thousands of applications from

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  1. Business fundamentals: an in-depth review of key business concepts
  2. An intro to case interviews: a step-by-step guide on how to solve cases
  3. Structuring: a deep-dive into how to create YOUR OWN structures / frameworks for any case
  4. Market sizing: the complete guide to solving supply and demand market sizing questions
  5. Technical skills:  a review of more advanced topics e.g., graph interpretations, M&A / valuations, consulting maths hacks etc. 
  6. Personal fit: a guide to nailing any personal fit question and tailoring your background to consulting
  7. Soft skills: lessons on presentation skills & how to talk like a consultant, to take you from good to great
  8. Mock case interview library – by students and MBB consultants
  9. Drills: a growing bank of practice drills for market sizing, maths hacks and more!

Each lesson is in video format, with a whiteboard narrated by the MBB 101 team

Key lessons are accompanied by PDF study guides that summarise the video and provide additional context

  1. Case interview practice: You’ll have 100s of case partners to choose from – and you’ll be able to see past feedback and skill-level. 
  2. Tailored communities: You can join groups tailored to your background e.g., a Medics group, an undergrad student group and more!
  3. Support networks: You can form connections with other members outside of your groups to support each other throughout your journey

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