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A community and platform that breaks down the barriers to you getting an offer from a top consulting firm

We created MBB 101 to strive for equal access to the consulting industry because we know how mysterious the application process can be


We believe you have the potential to be a great consultant, regardless of your academic background or experience, all you need is the right guidance to get the job


If you would like to meet us or ask any questions just click below to register for our next meet and greet – we can’t wait to meet you!


Step 1

Perfect your CV and nail the tests

Step 2

Build your business sense

Step 3

Master the art of solving cases etc.

Step 4

Sharpen your skills etc.

Step 5

Perfect your approach with feedback from MBB consultants

Your Roadmap To Success

exactly what you need, at any point of your journey

Perfect your CV and land the interview

Read our articles on how to write a great CV - even if you don’t have the best grades, a top-tier university or fancy experience on your CV, we break down how you can still make up for it in other ways!

Build your business Knowledge

Access video lessons that cover fundamental business concepts you need to understand for your interview Created by a former doctor, now MBB consultant to help beginners from non-business backgrounds accelerate their learning

Master The Art Of Solving Cases, Even As A Beginner

Access detailed video lessons and study guides that accelerate your learning and case interview prep, no matter your starting point We teach you how to think like a consultant, so you're prepared to solve any case! See below for more details

Build your network of like-minded candidates and consultants

Form connections with candidates around the world preparing for interviews and share tips, experiences and support. Or join a group with other candidates from your background to receive more tailored advice and ask your background specific questions - whether you’re an undergrad or MBA student, a doctor or an experienced hired

Sharpen Your Skills With Frequent Peer Practice

Put your skills to the test through frequent case / personal fit practice with your network in the community - access our meeting board to post and accept meetings at times that suit you! Learning the theory is one part of preparing, but practice interviews are key to prepare you for the real interview environment

Perfect your approach with MBB consultant coaching

Join FREE group coaching sessions led by MBB consultants You'll receive personalised feedback that takes you from good to great to nail final round interviews See FAQs for more details

Accelerate your learning

All the lessons you need included in your membership

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See what our students have to say

See what our students have to say

All-inclusive membership plans

Monthly subscription


Student Discount

£ 65 Per montH
  • Your membership package includes:
  • 7-day free trial
  • 25% discount for students
  • 20+ hours of teaching materials
  • Mock case interview library
  • Case interview practice platform
  • FREE group coaching (after 2 months)
  • Billed monthly

3-month package


Student Discount

£ 150 Billed every 3 months
  • Your membership package includes:
  • 7-day free trial
  • 25% discount for students
  • 20+ hours of teaching materials
  • Mock case interview library
  • Case interview practice platform
  • FREE group coaching (after 2 months)
  • Billed every 3 months

Get started with our free materials

How to create a winning CV

By far the most competitive part of the consulting recruitment process is the CV screening stage. Firms can be inundated with thousands of applications from

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Need more information?


Each lesson is in video format, with a whiteboard narrated by the MBB 101 team

Key lessons are accompanied by PDF study guides that summarise the video and provide additional context

  1. Case interview practice: You’ll have many case partners to choose from around the world at times that suit you – and you’ll be able to see their past feedback and skill-level. 
  2. Tailored communities: You can join groups tailored to your background e.g., for Medics, undergrad students etc., so you’re never alone in your journey
  3. Support networks: You can form connections with other members outside of your groups and with actual MBB consultants to build your network

When can I register?

After 2 months of being an MBB 101 member, you will be able to register for free group coaching sessions. 


Why do I need to wait 2 months?

1. To give you time to learn the case interview process and practice with peers. The coaching sessions are for refining your technique, rather than learning from scratch (that’s where our courses come in!)

2. To manage the number of participants each week – as we really want to make coaching accessible to the everyone who needs it!


When will the sessions be?

On weekends, either once a week or every other week, depending on the number of RSVPs

How many people will be in each session?

Each session will have ~8 participants and will be led by an MBB consultant

What if I don’t get a slot?

We will aim to run as many sessions as needed to accomodate everyone. However, if you do not get a slot in a given week, we will make sure to prioritise you for the coming sessions

What will the lessons consist of?

The sessions will involve going through a mock case study. Each participant will be involved in solving the case and will be expected to offer their ideas (e.g., their proposed structure, their approach to solving the case and their recommendation. This is an interactive sessions so come ready to participate!


What will I learn during the coaching sessions?

The main purpose of the session is to highlight your strengths and your main areas for development. Your group coach will give you targeted feedback throughout the sessions, e.g., on your presentation, your structure, your maths technique etc., depending on where you need the most improvement. You can then target your practice on improving these points


There is of course a benefit to having 1-1 coaching sessions if you have lots to learn – but if you’ve gone through our materials and done a few practice sessions, group coaching will be super effective for refining/ perfecting your approach.

As long as you participate and listen to others feedback as well as your own, you will gain plenty from the sessions!

If you’re an undergrad, MBA or postgrad student, you’re entitled to a 25% discount. 

You can get this code from your university consulting society or careers services if they partner with MBB 101 – please get in touch with both to request your university discount code.

If they are not yet an MBB 101 partner – please email info@mbb101.com and CC your university’s careers service to request your discount. 

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